You Heard It on The Radio

A local radio show asked me to discuss my writing as it pertains to some efforts I am making toward a book. Of course we discussed writing and life because the two really can't be separated in my mind and what I found myself thinking was, "This is so much fun!"

Talking is another way of processing the world I see. Taking these thoughts to the page is another step further in distilling how I see the world at any given moment.

This is all to say that I found myself thinking as carefully about what I said as what I write. If you choose to listen, I set up the work I am doing about my life in Iowa. The whole thing started because I felt like people were dissing the area where I spent my childhood. That stung and so I set out to sort it out a bit by examining those closest to me, my family. I am enormously grateful to them and proud of the people they are. I think you'll pick up on that.

If you'd like to hear a few stories, maybe you'll enjoy this.

The Art of Lisa Gray