Learning How To Focus

There are many things about my daughter that I admire, but one quality she has had since birth is her ability to get what she wants.  It was apparent as an infant when she didn't sleep much. I know now that she just preferred being near me. Needless to say this wore me out and yet even today at the age of 12, she still likes having me around though she doesn't want much from me....just my physical presence. When I left on a trip she was emailing me a message that said, "You just pulled out of the drive way and I already miss you." And this relates to the other quality which is her laser-like focus on things she deems important to her. As an infant and well into elementary school she wanted me. At night. Every night. And she would stop at nothing to get my presence. The fights we had because she was so focused and persistent rattled our home.

Did I mention it was was tiring? Did I say she wore me out?

But finally (thank god) I can see how this will be useful.

Holy Mother of Writing

Slowly, I am coming out of the fog of being immersed in a different world. Family helps by asking where their socks went, how come we are out of cereal, arguing about brushing their teeth, and forcing me to plan the next meal. It feels like a "whose life is this? whiplash" and I am hard-pressed to tell you which one I am most in at the moment.