Honoring the Memory of Andrew

I was sitting in my nonfiction writing class today and our assignment was this: write about an event that has changed how you see things.

The deal with these assignments is that you must write the first thing that comes to mind so I started to write about Andrew Wilfahrt's funeral. It was the first military funeral I had ever attended and it was stunning to every part of me....my senses, heart, mind.

How Are You Doing It?

While visiting with a friend the other day she said, "You've been through a lot this year. How are you doing it?"

I paused and had to think. Losing loved ones, changing jobs, grieving, uncertainty, insecurity...this just seems to be the stuff of life. But since it is the stuff of my life, she really seemed to want to know. 

The Surprise Was On Us.

A little back story:

I have been thinking about this story since it happened almost three years ago.  It wasn't until this past fall when I attended a writing conference that it fully came back to me. I met so many lovely people. Two of them, Alexander Peterson and Sarah Chun, befriended me for no apparent reason. They are both talented, young, and brimming with joy. Being around them simply made me smile. But I had something to offer them as well, which was no shortage of parenting stories. Why some hip young professionals felt compelled to listen I have no idea, but when I told them this story both said, "Lisa, you MUST write this down!" They laughed, they teared up, they giggled. Maybe it was that I can play to an audience, or maybe the story was just that fun.

A Real Love Story

It's not all doom and gloom around here. I am making my way slowly out of my funk and regaining perspective as we settle in to determine our course. Big Man and I are on the same page regarding our values and the job search is ours. We get to choose our path though I admit it felt out of control for a bit. 

Making Space For What Matters Most

Our dining room table is in perpetual motion. It serves as an office space and a drawing site and a construction zone and a science lab and a Pokemon tournament table.Three times a day, the paraphernalia of this living is pushed aside for family dining. Despite this constant chaos, I know I am lucky lucky lucky to have kids who want to draw and play cards and do homework and write stories and build Legos next to me while I write and Big Man attends to the job hunt. What matters most is that we have created this space.