Lizards in one fell swoop.

Here it is! The entire collection of The Lizard Chronicles. If you are caught up, just skip down to the final addition, Part V or The Burial.
Otherwise, pick up where you left off.
The Lizard Chronicles: Part I or Of Lizards and Boys
The Lizard Chronicles: Part II or It only took 3 days
The Lizard Chronicles:Part III or It Only Took One Week and 4 Days.
The Lizard Chronicles: Part IV or He really is dead. Now.

The Lizard Chronicles: Part V or The Burial.

The "official" burial occured, finally, 3 days after the certain demise. We went around the dinner table and shared things we loved about Skitters.

Thing 1:''He was interesting to look at, he changed colors with the heat lamp, and yeah, he was just...interesting to watch."

From Big Man: "He brought us together, Ben. We had to work hard to catch those rogue crickets. I liked spending that time with you."

Ben: "That's not about Skitters, dad. That's about us. What did you like about Skitters."

Big Man: "Oh, well...he skittered well."

Ben: "I just like lizards. And his heatlamp/night light brought me comfort. I liked having him in my room at night. Being a lizard."

Me: "Skitters was a cool blue-green under the light. And he looked so peaceful and contemplative while sunning himself. Plus, he brought you so much joy, Ben. Even though that's not about Skitters himself, it was a happy by-product of him being in your life."

He opted to flush him rather than bury him. I care not to share the debate that precluded this decision. Let's just say I was happy we were done eating.

At bedtime I was surprised to find a few more tears.

"I miss him, mom. I miss his light, I miss looking at him sitting on his tree bark. And not everyone can sleep with a lizard in their room."

"True. It's just one more item to add to the very long list of things that makes you special, Ben."

There was a small giggle. "Thanks, mom. I love you."


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