The Lizard Chronicles: Part II or It only took 3 days

To order anemic-looking "organic" crickets, it will set you back $8.50 and at least that much in shipping. They show up in a well-taped box with decorative blue crickets hopping about on the outside of the box as if to suggest that this really is a fun package to receive. I had nothing to do with the opening of that box and declared hands-off were any of them to escape. Which they did-- at least half of them-- in Thing 2's play zone, boy cave, center-of-his-universe fun room. You know. Because it has a lizard in it. And 250 crickets. Some of them now "free range".

I heard the exclamations and the angst.

Big Man really doesn't like bugs, but he was the one to order these things.

I slowly and quietly crept down the hallway and out onto the deck...and slid the door shut. And yes. I locked it, too.

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