An egg is not just an egg

It started innocently enough.

"Would you like an egg for breakfast?"


Thing 2 grabs the egg, twirls it in his hands, and then stops. "Where's the chick?"

"What chick?"

"How come there is not chick in the egg? I am not eating a dead chick am I?"

"No, the egg wasn't fertilized. Ahh, damn! Why did I go there?"

"Mom! You just swore and where are you going?"

"Sorry. To get your dad."

I race down the hall and Big Man is chuckling because he has heard the entire exchange.

"You haven't had your coffee yet, huh?"

Thing 2 has followed me, eager to get some real answers. "Dad, what is fertilize? why do you need it to get a chick?"

"Umm..well the dad has to sprinkle dad-dust on the egg.."

"What! You are doctor for god's sake! Dad-dust? Geez... you need a lot more than coffee. Come on kid. Want a bagel instead?"


  1. Dad-dust? I never heard that before. Hilarious. How old is Thing 2? How much time do I have before I have to answer these questions?

  2. Too funny! Remind me to tell you about the "mating" questions that your "Thing 1" was asking at the barn.

  3. "Dad - dust"!!! I LOVE it!!!


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