Baby steps

Grief is a beast that stalks us- it is ugly and unpredictable and downright unmanageable. If you have never met the Grief Beast, consider yourself lucky. Does anyone get that lucky?

What never fails to amaze me is the resilliency of our species. Tsunamis and hurricanes and wars and unspeakable acts shred our hearts, but it seems we rise up and head back to work while mulling the ways in which we might hope to mend.

Some smart soul senses this enormous pain and plots a small recovery. Teachers (like the the most awesome Matthew Schultz) and local media and the internet work their magic and soon people everywhere have decided that yes! we will check out this web cam for days on end to witness little eagles being born. Finally! we all seem to gasp. Here is something sweet and real and innocent and of this earth. This innocence is of our planet! Every year little eagles are born but for some reason, this year is the year we need to look. Our souls are tapped, depleted, strung out from so much pain. Please, we seem to say, let's look for something that makes us weep for joy.

Little baby eagles....thank you.

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