Well spent.

We hired a local man to install windows and side our house. He was a team of one so we knew we were in it for the long haul, but we felt good about his work and him. We still feel that way, though how he feels about us is surely up for debate. He started in November and finished two days ago. Along the way, among the things we did not contract for, these things occurred:

  • The garage door failed intermittently and it became a personal quest of his to solve this dilemma. He did.
  • We forgot to set out garbage several times. He set it out.
  • A blizzard occured in December. He blew out a trail around our house.
  • A water pipe burst above our garage so he gamely made a foray into plumbing. He couldn't fix it at the time but later served as consulant and carpenter with the person that did.
  • My mom was here watching the kids when her car wouldn't start. He jumped it for her and left his number in case she needed anything else.
  • She called him the same night at 8:00 p.m. when a bat appeared to terrorize her. He came, got rid of the bat, and later took himself out for a drink.
  • He took the dog out when we were gone too long.

Among the things we did for him:

  • Cookies and cocoa most days.
  • Coffee some days.
  • Provided fine examples on how to fail at power plays with kids.
  • Provided fine examples on how to fail with dog obedience training.
  • By confirming that some humans are more hopeless than others, his job security prevails.
He's gone now. The windows are installed, the siding is up, the trim is on inside and out, my garage door has worked for five consecutive days, and the house looks great. The garbage did not get out this morning, the dog is peeing on the carpet, and I am sure this surprises no one.

Time and money may be different beasts, but in both cases ours was well-spent.

We're sorry, Kyle, and we thank you.

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