I'm a tiger with a different tale

Can you snuggle with a tiger? I was able to peruse the latest mom-oir by an ambitious Chinese mother who proclaims that being a "Tiger Mom" is what it takes to make your children successful and above average. My conclusion isn't just no, but who would want to? Yes, it appears to be another one of those books in a long string that tries to tell us the way to raise a kid. Well, we all know there is more than one way. We can also debate long and hard about what success means. What really matters is that you determine your definition and parent accordingly. What I like about my method is there is room for mistakes. On my part. I get to apologize when I screw up. This makes me human. Not a tiger. Tiger moms commit, go for it, and push, yell, force, and scream when need be and never ever admit an error. While Tiger moms may produce kids with better math scores and piano prowess, it's humility, compassion, and happiness that light my fire. Of course I want my kids to succeed, but my definition of success is clearly not hers. I can buy music and I will never pretend to understand math gifts. If by tiger-mom, you mean passion, I will jump on that band wagon. I am just as passionate about my methods. I will continue to lead my charges in flannel and snuggle-time, insist on messy art projects and science experiments, and loudly and authoritatively proclaim "dance party!" In the midst of all of this, I will work to help my kids become the kind of people I like to share the planet with and that, for me, is not debateable.

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