Last night I said in conversation to a good friend, "I feel a blog coming on!" She had excitedly called me to tell me she found a source for pork! A source for pork? Uh- the grocery store? Yes, yes, that is a good source, but since we are going all local and have successfully found some good beef and chicken, the palette was lacking pork. My parents have kept me flush with bacon- carting it from Iowa whenever the opportunity arises..but now there is happy, healthy pork grazing languidly minutes from my doorstep. Nitrate free bacon could be on my plate as soon as June! Silly-even a little, I don't know, uppity perhaps, because isn't the store good enough? There are poor people in Chile and Haiti and in our own country for God-sakes and I am worried abou nitrate free bacon? I annoy my own self sometimes. But. There are people whose passion it is to farm. If I can help them succeed by supporting their product, I am in. It's something. One can debate cost in many ways. I feed more than one family when I buy their pork. I feed two. That can be a small thing. But it seems big if selling the pork buys another set of tennis shoes for the toddler or pays the electric bill. So I am in. I love bacon. And while I see no career path emerging from this little musing, I do feel content just imagining my future... with local bacon.

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  1. I had chocolate and bacon cookies this past weekend. They were surpisingly wonderful.


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