One of the best things I did for myself in the last year was to sign up to work in an online writing group with Jena Schwartz. Because of this experience I've met and worked with a wide variety of writers and gained the confidence to apply for a grant. I am encouraged by what I read from others and by Jena, which is that writing directly through difficulty can lead you towards the truest thing. Always, though, you have to travel through muck.

I've learned to take my crazy and put it into something constructive. This piece is part of a series she curates called The Roar Sessions. People can sound off about what they will...and so I did. It was a needed release for me as I set about trying to carve a new sort of writing path this fall. I'm still working on it but so it goes. This, I'm learning, will always be the case. I will always be working on it. 

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