March is making me MAD so read this!

I am in a rut with thousands of my Minnesota friends! The cold without snow, the clouds, the cold. Did I mention the cold? Ok. 

So all my internet trolling has not been a total waste. It is good to be a woman, even here in Minnesota, because so much is being written that shows we are making progress in how we understand each other and who we are as a gender. 

Here are a few good finds that have me thinking and writing. I really can't do one without the other so longer somethings are ahead. For now I want to share these great finds so you can do some thinking on your own. 

I found THIS really interesting except that I was bothered that it started out by saying, "Women are moody."  I have been trained enough as a writer to know the writer intended to get my attention and that she did. And yet that one sentence set me off in a more negative way than I had hoped because she is really encouraging us to examine and to some extent, embrace the moods we have, medication notwithstanding. It's complex. I can't get too far into it now, but THIS person has an interesting response that sort of gets at where I am. Stay tuned!

A spot of tea? Why yes! Or no. It's not all that complicated. I like how we can use simple things for a way to judge something as serious as understanding what CONSENT really means.If you don't click on a single one of my links please please please click on this one. Parents--share with your tweens and teens and talk, ok?  Read then talk. Ok, go!

The world of work and women is endlessly facinating. I am lucky enough to currently be around women of all ages and stages and there is much to learn from everyone. It's not always the case that women really embrace each other. I like how brave this woman is as she owns up to what she did not see before. It is one more step toward working with each other instead of against. Same team girls, right?

This program on Fear isn't gender specific or exactly about how I was terribly nervous about attending my first adult tap class, but think about it. Fear = thinking + time. If you take away either one, you can't have fear. See? There is a good reason for me to dash from one thing to the next. No time to worry! Please note that my socks did NOTHING to diminish my fear so I will try mad dashing next week.

So that's it. It is March and there is madness totally unrelated to basketball. I have gotten outside. I have used the light box. I have purchased tulips and I have walked and attended yoga and pilates. I have reduced sugar and increased Vitamin D. I have talked. I have written. I have read. I have giggled with my kids and cried in the shower. 


And this sums things up pretty well!   

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