Love is love

Love is love is one of my favorite things to say. Every time I am stuck....whether it be in my own head or in a problem with someone I hold so close to my heart that it seems I can't move, I think of these words and the different ways love manifests itself to me.

Love is love.

If I could be anywhere today, February 14, 2013, I would be in St. Paul, MN, advocating for the freedom to marry whomever we wish because everything I have ever learned about love is that love is freeing...not constraining or limited to a select few.

But my life is my life and I have other obligations.

So today I must occupy my own heart in other ways. Aside from finding someone to love, the most active, inspiring, and freeing love to be had is love of oneself. Total acceptance and adoration for who you are is not such a radical idea, is it?

Personally, I think it is much easier to love someone else. Our beloved does not natter  incessantly about all isn't, shouldn't be, couldn't be, blah, blah, blah. If they did, we would want a new beloved.  Why, then, do we say these things to ourselves? 

Or, maybe it's just me.

I bet not, though, and so I am issuing this challenge to you:  Be nice to yourself for whatever time you have today. For one minute or two or whatever you have to give to yourself, step outside and smell the winter air and think about all that you are at this moment. Shut that little nattering fool up for a few moments and think about the hard road you are on. Think about how you are doing it the very best way you know how and where ever it is you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.

Yeah for you!  You are a rock star!  I love you!

Ok. I might not know you, but you get what I mean.

You are the 


Age hasn't brought me great wisdom yet, but it has brought me recognition that the best partner on any adventure I take is me. And a great partner deserves love.

If you have someone else to love, do not take them for granted, but please don't look a gift horse in the mouth. That gift is you, and aren't you just a sweetie?  

I think so.

Go ahead and rock this day and every day..... you deserve it.


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  2. I love having you as my cheerleader! Thanks for spreading love and joy and wonder and awe and curiosity and gratitude.


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