Having some fun.

I am working on a piece about our human nature versus animal instinct as it relates to the political climate. Weird, huh? 

Writing is funny. I often find that when I am not "working", something I have just done bubbles up to find itself wanting to find it's place in my words. None of this is preordained or planned. I don't know much about the writing life of others, but what I know about mine is that the most unexpected things find their way into my writing. I didn't know I would ever be the type to read a six page article on animal instinct.  I am not typically drawn to this sort of thing, especially when I am reading for pleasure in my down time.  But there I was staying up too late to finish the article- it was fascinating and to my surprise.....fun.  When I woke up this morning, I started writing about nothing that seemed to have anything to do with animals.  But it found itself into what I was saying and after I declared the writing session over, it was clear that I had a new idea for an opinion piece.

I think we often discredit our leisure time, but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that freeing our minds for whatever we deem fun also frees other parts of ourselves as well.  It falls into that overall category of wellness which can never be overrated.

I hope you run, read, walk, bike, paint, dance, play cards, cook, or have something that you deem fun...and make time for it.  The benefits far outweigh the trouble it takes to make the time. I don't think we can ever really know how good it is for us to have fun or how that fun can be helpful in other areas of our lives.

My piece is not done yet and I am not sure where it will take me or where I will take it, but I will be sure to share.  And, to me, that is another part of the fun.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of what I love about writing... and the reminder to make time for fun. Now if you have some tips for turning off my brain when I'm having fun so that I can stop rushing through it because in the back of my mind I know about the list of a hundred other things I need to get done, I'd love to hear them. Having fun or making time for fun are not nearly as challenging to me as is letting go and enjoying the fun in the present moment. THAT is my challenge. AN dI suppose that is why I like writing ... because it DOES make me focus on the present moment and not worry about the next thing or the list. :) (My over-scheduled brain is obviously all over the place this morning.)


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