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It wasn't the wisest choice to set out on the most winter-like day of the year thus far, but no one could resist not being at the top of the hill of our farmette when winter made it's first major appearance.

The gadgets were left uncharged and there was sledding and snuggling on the couch and speed rounds of haiku making with a fun little game called Haikube.  All that reading has paid off and my kids (surprise!) are good with words.  They are also obsessed with this story so there was reading aloud as well.

Thing 2 invented a version of I-spy with their Christmas ornaments after the tree was decorated. For whatever reason, this held everyone captive for at least an hour. It's strange and often unpredictable when moments of togetherness gel and that's when you think, "Hmm....this is why I have a family."

On the last night of a snowy weekend, we watched a strange little movie called "The Odd Life of Timothy Green".  I won't go into the details, but a big part of this movie is about parents dreaming of having a child and then are startled, flummoxed, and eventually humbled when the child they get is nothing like the one of   their dreams.

God bless the parents who get it much earlier than I have.  God bless my willingness to at least acknowledge that I don't often know what to do with them.  All was calm for a moment this weekend and I felt like I was able to look at them with new eyes and see that despite past and future frustrations, these little people are kind people, funny people, smart people, and best of all, my people.

For the sparkle, the hush, the small moment in time when a blanket of white draws us together, I thank the temporary magic of snow.

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  1. Lovely. SOunds like a great family weekend. So amazing when they happen. If family life were a sport, those days would be called "being in the zone." So happy to hear about a zone day. I hear they're harder to come by as the kids get older, and your post is brimming with joy. Yay for snow!!!!


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