Some final thoughts..

For those of you not on Facebook and those who don't subscribe to the Winona Daily News, HERE is my last written effort before we head to the polls.

I haven't talked much about this part of my past so it is funny when certain aspects of your life rise up to affect how you view the present. 

Thanks for all of your patience and willingness to listen to me as I process this amendment battle in Minnesota. It means a lot to me but even more than that, it feels like a responsibility to take it on. 

I can never forget how Maya Angelou singled out young black people in a diverse crowd of thousands packed into a basketball arena. She said,"Your debt has been paid. Your job now is to make us proud. You can vote, you can work, you can attend college. Do it all, do it better than the rest, and prove to the naysayers that you were worth the fight....because you are."

I feel this way about any group who gets singled out or labelled. We are here to make this planet the best it can be for every single person.  So many before us fought for what we now enjoy and it just feels like there is no other way to go than forward for those who are not having the same experience as we are.

Finally....don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday (are you there dear brothers?) It's the best way to let the freedoms we are working toward ring!

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  1. Beautiful. All of it. This post here and the fantastic essay on Winona Daily News. Such great writing and passionate care for this issue. So glad you're out there fighting for what's right and true. I'm sharing this on my facebook page. Hopefully we'll be celebrating on Wednesday.


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