Out and In

Thing 2 drew me a picture of a flower yesterday. He never draws flowers. He draws Pokemon figures or mythical monster-like creatures but not flowers. He was feeling restless so I suggested he have a stab at some sort of art. Make up a dance (he's really into floor rolling, full body sliding to music- his interpretation of dance), work up a song on his recorder, draw or paint. The only caveat I gave him was that it needed to make me smile when he showed it to me. I didn't tell him that it wouldn't have mattered what he did because his attempt would be enough to make me smile. He has a great sense of humor so I was really expecting something silly or subversive. I know how he rolls and we get each other that way. So I found myself melting over the fact that he really stepped out of himself a bit to think of me by drawing a flower.  Thing 2 is not about flowers unless they are really weird-looking. A Venus fly trap or a dragon orchid or some bizarre cactus.  Anything that could be described as "pretty" does not appeal to him. So it was to my great surprise when he handed over a bright and carefully colored flower that could only be described as pretty. I smiled big and he gave me this look  reserved for me and only me which says, "I. Got. Her." After a quick hug and a little giggle he ran off shouting, "Now I am going to draw my way!"  

I was thinking about little moments right before this happened. I am the worst at being inside a little bubble of time. A planner by nature in a home full of now-folk, I often feel like I am hovering just beyond the present moment.  I cannot overstate how hard it is for me to float back. Perhaps this is why, after much heartbreak, I was given Thing 1 and Thing 2. Despite their advanced ages of 11 and 9, it is still something I have to work at every single day...every single hour if I am being completely honest.  

So, yeah, I got a picture drawn by my boy who really stepped outside himself...and he gave it to his mom who took that moment to step in and join him.  

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