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It was pretty exciting last Tuesday night in Minnesota. I couldn't stay up. I finally gave up at 12:30 a.m. because counties were still reporting and it seemed our margin for the amendment going through was getting smaller. I got up at 5:30 a.m. and it was so gratifying to see that every person involved in this fight made a difference....every phone call, every yard sign, every Facebook post, every knocked door.  Hundreds of people reached thousands and it was just so great to be a part of it.

But, I had a little glitch in my election night festivities, which caused me to write and submit a reaction to what happened in Minnesota. To be honest, I still don't have my brain wrapped around the exchange that prompted it and what my next step will be. Here is what I wrote.

Big Man and I decided we were "electioned-out". We know it's not a word, but we don't know what to do or say for awhile about any of the current events. It's hard because we are interested, but we feel so tired of it all.  I then pointed out that it's a darn good thing we are happy middle-class white folk because we don't have the stamina to be oppressed.  Please know I am totally laughing at our self-proclaimed wimpy state.  But behind a lot of humor, there is always a hint of truth.  I am pondering that, too.

Finally, if you haven't already seen this recent article that appeared about Andrew's parents in The Star Tribune, it is worth the read. They've had a brutal 18 months and it hasn't been easy and Andrew was with them the whole time.  And he was with those who didn't know him well, too. If you were paying attention, that is. My very last act of volunteering for Minnesota United involved calling in their phone bank. On prior days, I dialed lots of people including a Drew and an Andy, and I didn't think much of it. But, my very last phone call of around thirty that I made on my last day of volunteering was to someone named Andrew. I decided to take that as a very good sign. That Andrew didn't answer, but that was fine. Because much, much later in the day, Minnesota go theirs and I feel quite certain that Andrew Wilfahrt had more than a little to do with it.  

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