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Last week at a dinner party, I shared with some friends that I had been actively talking to people who don't share the same political views as myself. A few people thought this was particularly amusing. They wondered who I might talk to, how I went about this, and why I might do this in the first place.  I guess I am just curious and, ultimately, concerned for the future of my kids. It's much easier to grouse with your ilk, but if we can find common ground with people who view things differently we just might be able to inch forward.

So I have embarked on my own little adventure.  I don't think what gets said is as important as the fact that both sides embraced the experience with open hearts and ears.  I am so happy because, as I initially had hoped, we do have common ground.

I am not running for office, but I think there are so many other ways to use our lives that will make a lasting impact. This has just been one small effort on my part, but for now it feels good enough. Have I mentioned before that I am a big fan of good enough?

If you can make some noise on this piece, I would more than appreciate it. The more shares, likes, tweets, etc.,  that I get make it easier for me to get published again.  In the end, it all comes down to the writing, but I will gladly accept any help willingly given.

Crossing Party Lines

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