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I met a new friend yesterday, and it seems like she going to breathe some new life into my writing world. She found my blog through mutual friends, we became Facebook "friends" and I finally said, "Enough with this! Let's meet!" and so we did.

She is a delight and an inspiration. She is raising two children on her own by choice,  she runs half-marathons, and she just bubbles with respect for the writing/creative process. She cares not one whit about who reads her stuff, but she is deeply invested in the process. I think her sparkle is what I need because I am just not a sparkler.  We are going to exchange our writing and meet to discuss on what I hope is a regular basis.

I was also invited into a chat group for an advanced fiction writing class being taught by a woman I admire. I know what she is up to. Being privy to these conversations, even though I am not there, is feeding me despite remaining a mostly silent participant.

I like how the universe works. If you pay attention, you will find that people and events seems to appear at the times when you most need them. Some would say this is God's hand, and while I am not convinced of that, I do know and trust that it is something bigger than me. The best I can do is pay attention and trust that all is as it should be.  

Yikes!  I sound a bit new-agey for an Iowa farm girl!   Hard work is the mantra of my kin. 'Tis true enough. However, I also think you can bypass some pain and find that just what you need is often closer than you think if you are just open enough to see it.

Thanks, Barb and Diana. I am paying attention.

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  1. This made me almost giddy. I was thinking about our meeting a lot yesterday too, how much I love just hanging out with other writers and talking about writing... or just the creative process in general. There really is something spritual about it, something I know I don't control yet trust to happen. I've gotten lost in the creative process enough times that I trust that eventually being lost will lead to being found, and I actually almost (ALMOST) get excited when I'm at that darkest part, that most lost part, that scariest place of anxiety and confusion and near despair because I know that's the place you need to go to for the best work, the most creative work. If you're in the pit of despair and confusion and you feel like you're trying to walk in quick-sand, the really good stuff is just around the corner.... if you dare to go there. SOOOOOOOoo great to finally sit and talk writing with you. I am my best self when I'm writing and paying attention to the world, and connecting with you has been a great spark for me also.


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