No such thing!

In a mantra I have taken to heart this summer, "There is no such thing as fun for the WHOLE family", Big Man and I have abandoned the hope of ever pleasing everyone. With two kids this should not be as ridiculously difficult as it seems to be. The tween's sense of humor does not match that of a third grade boy. From song choice to movies to general family entertainment, it is always a sure bet that someone is unhappy.

But, we had fun this weekend. It was brief. It lasted an hour on a gorgeous September afternoon and it involved some swings and two nerf swords and a lot of giggling. That's it. The kids pumped their legs and Big Man and I used the swords to lop off parts of their bodies.

"Off with your feet! Off with your head!" we'd scream when a sword touched some skin.

Giggling ensued so, of course, we kept at it.

And that was it. It was hilarious and fun for everyone.

It's early September so we won't get to have fun for at least another month. It will take us that long to find another crowd pleaser.  Big Man will make Thing 2 laugh, sing silly songs with Thing 1, and I will tell tales to Thing 2 and share tween humor with my girl.  While they will keep butting heads, I will set my sights low while waiting for the fun to sneak up on us once more.

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