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I really wanted a national platform for this one. It just means so much for the country to see what is happening here in Minnesota. I don't think even Minnesotan's know how historical this marriage amendment vote could be....IF we defeat it.  

I wanted to place it on and they said no.  This is hard to take, but our mentor says, "No is a bump on the way to yes" and you keep going.  I think shopping out to The Huffington Post was a safe choice since they let me submit now, but there is always that chance that it won't fit for what is happening now, or it's not up to their standards, or, or, or....whatever. But, less that 15 hours after I submitted my piece, I received an email that said, "Thank you. We will place it...on not one, but two places on our news site."  For a while, I was on the front page of two sections--Gay Voices and Politics.  


I want people around the country to watch us....and I hope what they will eventually see is Minnesota kicking this amendment to the curb. Because, in my heart, I believe we are as good as we say we are.

Here it is:

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