Part II of Island Life: Good news!

Even though we are in an insanely beautiful place, this is where I have spent most of my time.

Every morning the sunrise has looked a little different on my walk to the red barn to head up to our classroom on the second floor. Here is how it looked yesterday. It's not a bad place to spend time.

So far I have finished one piece, submitted it to two national publications, completed a second piece that is 95% ready for a submission I will do this morning, and I am well into a 3rd piece. I hope this afternoon I can finish it and get some feedback before I must meet the ferry and say good-bye.

The good news:  Katherine told me last night around 6:15 p.m. that my first submitted piece was placed on the Huffington Post Blog.  This is pretty damn cool.  What this now means is that I have a backstage pass to the Huffington Post. It's a national news website with lots of traffic. I NOW have a password that allows me to share my work with them directly and though they can make the call about their usage of it, I don't have to try to beat the door down.  It is already open for me.  YEAH!!!!

For those who are wondering....I am not getting paid.

About the piece-  I came with a lot of topics on my mind. This one, about the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, has been on my mind all summer since it seemed I couldn't escape having a conversation about the books even if I wanted to. Several things happened to me along the way that really made me think about sex in our culture in general, and this piece is the result.  The placement on their book blog really makes it look like a book review, but to me it is much more of a commentary, an Op Ed.,  but I will not quibble with my own little success.

When I told my husband I was going to write about sex his response was, "This isn't gonna end well for me."  

But, he's proud. When I called him last night to share my news, I heard his smile and felt his pride.  I love my guy.

PLEASE share, tweet, re-post, comment....they tell me that keeping my "traffic" up will make it easier for me to get placed elsewhere on their site.

For those who I know are rooting for me, thank you!  And I am not done yet!

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! Congratulations. That is very big news. So glad to know that your writing is going to find a larger audience. You deserve it!


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