Out in the spotlight....

It's hard putting yourself out there. Even when you set yourself up for it and have carefully thought through things, there is no predicting how people will react.

I have sought a national platform, and it seems I have it with my new friend, Huffington Post.  But will it be my friend? Time will tell. I am not exactly sure what my end goal is.  I just know I feel called to write about things that matter to me, with heart and some humor, in the hopes that it provokes a conversation.  Sometimes, the best way for me to work through things is to put it out there in hopes that someone will respond in a way that suggests I am not alone because feeling alone can be such a hard place to be.  And then, what I hope for are thoughtful, considerate conversations that provide insights not otherwise had.  But, as you will see, we don't always get what we hope for.

This, among other things, is what was going through my mind as I sorted through a personal struggle which appears in this next piece I am sharing.  My thought was that my family and I are not the only ones having this experience. The comments left regarding this article have caught me off guard. You must read those to get at the essence of this blog post. And if you have it in your heart to leave something kind, I would appreciate it. I called my sister to share the piece and the comments with her and she, like the worldly, loving person she is, talked me down from the rafters, saw my points and didn't take any offense to this personal dilemma we are in. She also wondered out loud about the general role of hypocrisy in our world. We all have values, for certain, but it is difficult to be true to what we say and believe ALL THE TIME.  In the end, we all are just doing the best that we can.  Life is not black and white...and if people really see it that way, we decided that those people must be lying to themselves.

With no pun whatsoever regarding my name or the my previous article regarding the best seller series, I continue to live in those shades and nuances of grey.

And so with that, I give you my dilemma regarding the Boy Scouts of America as it plays out in my own little world in southeast Minnesota.

To Honor, or not, the Scouts

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