Summer Update

Things I am working on:

Not going crazy by kids bickering

Working out the in the morning

Reducing piles

Not yelling

Planning meals around current produce on hand

Writing one hour per day no matter what

Loving my dog even after she is naughty

Swimming....hate it, but we spend a lot of time at the pool so I have to do something. So far, the sidestroke is it for me.

Thinking, "Yes I can!" immediately after I think, "Nope, I can't"

Banishing soda (only 2 small cans of diet coke left in my house)

Trying to enjoy meal time with my kids 

Not holding grudges

Talking to my husband at night instead of retreating to our corners after the kids are asleep (finally!) This is good. He's pretty fun.

Seems like a long list but I go at these things as they occur. Non-negotiables are writing and exercise. After that, it's a crap shoot.

I am working on a piece now about the feast and famine of vegetables in my life. Right now, I feel like beets and kale are visitors who have outstayed their welcome.  Kale chips, beet salad-raw and roasted, pickled beets, braised kale, kale salad, beets and kale, kale and beets!  Yikes!  Please don't send recipes. I really have them all!  I am trying to keep this in mind...

Things I am looking forward to before my kids go back to school:

I go to the Woodbury County Fair in Moville, Ia next week. I have a funny story about my history with that for next week. If we are really lucky, I might even dig up a picture for proof.

Seeing high school classmates to commemorate 25 years since graduation.

A trip to Madeleine Island  for the Women's OpEd. Project.

Hosting a MN United Party and speaking at other house parties.

Meeting my new class off Intro. to Public Speaking students in August.

"Dates" with each kid- lunch and school supplies shopping. Who can resist the smell of new notebooks and pencils?

I hope your summer is filled with veggies you have not yet grown weary of and that you an claim progress in something that brings you joy.  


  1. Great lists. And we have grown quite tired of zucchini and cucumbers if you want to trade for some kale and beets. Some rodent (rabbit? ground squirrel?) ate all our beautiful red-veined beets seedlings almost as soon as they peeked their heads out of the soil, but our ONE cucumber plant has produced about a thousand cucumbers.

  2. Love your honest fresh look at life, Lisa. You go girl with the positive thoughts--they will take you on miles of good journey.

  3. The pieces of your list that spoke loudest to me were the one about talking to your spouse at night and the idea of taking each child on a personal lunch/school shopping date. Can I borrow both of those for my own list?


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