A quick one

My tween daughter and I were cruising down the highway towards Wisconsin. She was in the front passenger seat giving her a similar view to mine. There was a hold-up in the right lane. We had to stop and this is just a snipped of the exchange we had:

"Oh my God! What is happening?" she yelled.
"Uh, you know as much as me hon. We are looking at the same thing."
"What are we going to do?" she said with anxiety creeping into her voice.
"Sit here? Yes. We will sit here until we get directed to move again."
"When will that be? Oh my God. What is going on?"
"Lucy, I know as much as you."
"Mom! How can they do this?"

Do you get the vibe of this conversation? I'd like to say it ended after that brief exchange, but it did not. I asked her to get out her i-pod, but she glared at me.
"I left it at home so you wouldn't yell at me for tuning you out."
Oh. Well, did I say that?  It seems likely.  But how am I supposed to know she was actually listening to me when most evidence suggests otherwise?
This parenting gig....just one minefield after another. 

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