I am getting a little amped up about this event.  I've sent off a draft of my speech for approval and am waiting to hear back about the tweaks I need to make.

I think it would interest any students I have had in Intro. to Public Speaking to know that I still get nervous when I speak.  Whether it is for The Book Shelf, a demonstration for my students, in a church, running a workshop, or in front of the estimated 150 people we hope to see next week, I get a little edgy. In fact, I would feel greater fear if I didn't feel at least a little rush of anxiety. Here is what will likely happen:  I will read and re-read, talk out loud and pace, and then read some more, make my final changes, and then come Wednesday, I will go for it.  I will stop eating about two hours prior to the event, use the bathroom multiple times and have a water bottle nearby. The days of fretting will be over in 5 minutes. The next speaker will go, there will be (hopefully) raucous cheering, and little Winona will begin to make their place in this state-wide effort to oppose the amendment defining marriage.

I am but a tiny part of something I think is a big deal. So my job is to keep my nerves tiny, too. Wish me luck!

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  1. Yay! This is fantastic. We'll be there and I'm looking forward to seeing you speak. Do you know what time you'll be on? Depending on the time there may be more than 150 people there. :)


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