Thank you.

To anyone who has read my writing and commented, thank you.  Sometimes my fingers hover over the keyboard for so long that I wish to stab my eyes out with one of the 263 stubby pencils that we have floating around our house.  For every entry I have posted, there are countless drafts not ready to share, ideas not fully formed, little seedling thoughts just sprouting but not ready to make their way quite yet.

I got my first piece of snail FAN  (I have a fan!) mail three days ago. A woman I have never met read a piece in the local paper and sought out my address, made a card, and sent a note that said, "I felt like I was reading my own words." She did not sound crazy or medicated.  Wow to me!  I know I feel overwhelmed and compelled to talk to the author when something I read resonates so profoundly. I have been unsuccessful in getting in touch with Ann Lamott to thank her for writing Operating Instructions, and I have stalked Diana Joseph on Facebook after meeting her at an author dinner for her book I'm Sorry You Feel That Way and she has yet to unfriend me. This is something because even in a cyber relationship, she is recognizing that what she has done matters to me.

I know that many writers will say they can't not write and in the end, it's the doing of the work that matters. This is true for me, but I also crave responses.  I like knowing how people respond even if they don't agree.  I like knowing that in my sorting and ruminating on paper, I have worked through things enough to bring clarity...not only to myself but someone else.  So when someone takes the time to comment in person, on-line, on my blog, on Facebook, or in snail mail I feel like I am safe for one more stabbing required.

So thank you.


  1. Don't stab yourself today!! I LOVE reading your words even when I don't comment. I never miss one and often pass them on to friends. I think about our stolen conversations between passing periods and rolling our eyes at in-service days and unruly students. I remember when Thing 1 was born and always remember the moment I looked at her and thought "yep, I'm ready to be a mom!". So, in a way, you're responsible for my crazy chaotic brood of 3 now. :) Thank you!

  2. You are awesome.

  3. Thank YOU. And just remember, for every person out there who comments and says that something that you wrote touched them, there are dozens of others who feel the same way but didn't take the time to comment. I have a friend on a book tour right now, and as much as the logistics of a book tour can sometimes suck, to see her face when someone comes up at a book signing and tells her that they love her work and she has touched them is to witness the best that a writer can experience. You work, Lisa, touches so many people, and whether your writing is so wonderful from years of working that muscle or talent or both, there are lots of us who are glad that you continue to sit down and allow the hovering fingers to connect with the keyboard and that once in a while you share what you've written. Thank YOU! :)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Your posts always draw a reaction from me, ranging from full agreement to what is she thinking, but rarley a response. The reason being I am a very private person. Most of the time I feel my response is for you, the writer, and not all those who read your blog.



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