My funny Valentine

Thing 2 wants nothing to do with hearts, red and pink construction paper, and any mention of kissing will prompt the gag reflex. A babysitter once shared that he seemed anxious on one of her visits. She asked him what was wrong, and he asked if he HAD to get married when he grew up. She said wasn't a law or anything. The weight of the world appeard to be lifted from his shoulders. Had he not been so obviously physically and mentally relieved, it would have been funny. She is a good babysitter who knows when and when not to laugh.

But....I will tell you that Thing 2 carries his love in unexpected ways. He still seeks out my hand to hold. After chess club, he thinks nothing of walking down the hallway of his school with his hand wrapped tightly around mine. I never let go of it because who knows when it will happen again? I fear my days are numbered. The discussion of Valentine's Day prompted indignance. "We love each other everyday...we don't need a special day for this... and chocolate is good to me any day of the week." True, baby boy, true.

And while he reigns as the best sleeper in this house, occasionally he asks if I will just "snuggle up for a few minutes until I feel good." My heart breaks while I casually hang out just a little longer than necessary. I know this because he prompts my leaving by saying, "Thanks. That's enough, mom."

If there is Freaudian crap involved, I do not want to know. What I want is to put these moments in a bottle and store them up for the less-than-loving moments that are sure to come.

Thing 2 wants nothing to do with hearts, but he certainly has mine.

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