What's up.

I am working on a piece right now....or I should say I am waiting on a piece right now. I sent it off to a variety of sources for feedback to determine how to proceed. Blog-life has taken a back seat to some other writing that doesn't seem to work here.
It's hard some days to determine if this is the place for a particular thought. It's my blog, I know, but I worry about getting locked in to one particular mode. Yes, I am interested in current events and there are issues I feel great concern for, but in terms of activism and opinion writing, I feel there is a fine line to walk and I find myself wondering what role I want this blog to serve.
So bear with me as I muddle through. I am....percolating.

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  1. I hear ya. I've often found myself trying to walk that balance. I always admired Anna Quindlens' ability (and courage) to be both personal and political in one place. Good luck. If you do decide to split and separate the personal and the activism, let us readers know since your blending of personal and political is part of what keeps me coming back here. Love this blog.


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