How is it that twenty four hours can take forever, a week rushes past you in what feels like minutes, the year disappears in the time it takes to blink, and the whole course of your life can change in a split second?

Pehaps the biggest legacy left to me from Andrew's passing is my use of time, my enjoyment of and parsing out of who gets it. I still have a long way to go because NO is a difficult word for me. And saying yes! can bring up so much more than saying no can... but no is ok too. Saying no makes room for other things or provides space for invites larger chunks andanda year ago and I struggle to define time. I am sure it is differentThe pain felt is wide and deep. Your parents, your siblings, your dear friend Jillian, are still grasping at straws and lifelines that might pull them closer to you. You have taken virtual strangers to places they never dreamed of going. Take me, Mr. Wilfahrt. I am a non- relative who has become the poster child sans poster for the gay community of my little Winona hamlet. How this happened I do not know. My lesbian sister talks less about gay rights than I do.

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