Ready or not....

I signed up for some new things this year. I am going to be teaching an introductory course in public speaking at our local state university. Crazy! But it is always something I have wanted to try so when they saught me out, I had to say yes. Of course, I am a bit scared. Not in the "Oh shit, what am I doing?" sort of scared, but more in the low grade, fear-of-the-unknown scared. The content bothers me none. Monroe's motivated sequence is as motivating as it was 10 years ago. 18 year olds are still 18 albeit with more technology. What I am happy about is that public speaking is pretty raw and you cannot hide behind much of anything. A gadget will not save you- of this I am certain.

So...I will instill confidence through the espousal of preparation and practice, practice, practice, and heed my own advice starting....tomorrow.

It's my birthday and I am going to live it up by eating a carbohydrate and cleaning. Both are things I do not do on a regular basis and I always want my birthday to feel different than a usual day.

I love birthdays- mine or anyone elses. Again, I know some people just kind of roll their eyes but to me, I need more than stacks of normal days on end. That is why I am constantly on the look out for any little thing to kick my days up a notch. I will take a smarmy holiday, a pretty sunset, or a unexpected kind gesture as the hint to amplify if I can.

On this birthday, my 43rd, I want to cry because I am just so-out-of-this- world blesssed and that crazy girl you see grinning is me...wondering about the challenges she will take on this year with a fervor and committment that seems newly-found yet long-brewing at the same time.


  1. Yay. Good things all around. Wow. 43?! I wouldn't have guessed. I'll be 45 in a few weeks. Isn't it this the best age?! Enjoy your birthday and your carb and good luck with the teaching. I'm sure you'll be awesome. Do you remember YOUR required college public speaking course? I do.

  2. Happy Birthday to my amazing, witty, opinionated, animated, warm, and sensitive 43 year old friend. It is far to late to call so I will stop by with a belated birthday hug next time I see that your light is on.

    XOXO Katy

  3. Lisa

    Happy Birthday! Nicole's birthday is today Jan 4th - you are both Capricorn's this does not surprise me. You are both amazing women. I think you will be an awesome teacher.

    See you soon!

    Sallie (from ART)


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