The news is just icky. Our Super Committee was anything but super, stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day when really, don't we all just need a break? Over and over we hear, we need jobs, the war is costing us too much, our Congress is ineffectual and our schools need to do better. I was heartened Monday morning when finally, people put the blame elsewhere- on parents! How refreshing not to have teachers being blasted. But, you know, as parents we have nothing else to worry about- those jobs we don't have, but at least we now have vats of time to read and inquire into our child's life without the stress of needing to be 3 places at once.

And then, there are those of us who are attempting to make a point by occupying Wall Street and once again, the message gets convoluted. I don't see how being fed up with big banks and big money is an issue we can't all agree on. Yes, we are in charge of our own destiny- but we are in this world together and if we all have the same oppor

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