I don't watch a lot of tv, but I tuned in to see Gabby Giffords last night. After the hell of last week that continues to emerge, I thought a good story was in order. And while her journey is far from over, the journey itself was remarkable to see. If, as individuals,we possessed an ounce of her tenacity and spirit and fight, collectively we could really turn a lot around in our own lives and in society.

I started to think about love. It seemed to emanate from the screen- her husband was next to her every inch of the way and his desires to see her succeed seemed to match her own. I wonder, do we all feel that kind of love from someone. I am blessed. I do. And because of that, the only thing that beats me down....is myself.

The Gabby Giffords in our world need to stand up. They need to shout, they need to bring us to our feet in a chorus of let's do it. Let's get it done, inch by inch...come on!

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