Restless again...

After my whirlwind week, I am restless again. It is hard to quiet the mind at times. Over the last four days, I have written essays in my head and delivered several speeches to imaginary audiences. I haven't gotten the sustained amount of time to flesh out any of it, but there are scraps of ideas written here and there and a shitty first draft (thanks again, Ann Lamott) just hanging out there screaming for more attention. This draft is tackling something I have long pondered...organized religion and my failure to connect to it or it to me.

I know someone who has made it a goal to "get right with God" during the school year. I have joked that if they are successful, I want the rights to the secret and my own mega-church will be heck with this writing gig.

But it is no joke. I know this because I have met so many people who feel like there is pressure to "figure God out" and make some sort of sense and peace before the end is here. I hear people worry about their kids and their souls and I wonder...why am I not worried? My kids are kids- innocent and loving and just who they should be. Any problem there may be with God and me is not theirs to bear.

So...this is where my mind goes. It would seem much more beneficial to me to tackle things like order in the household or even organic cleaning strategies and yet success in those areas also eludes me.

Thank goodness for Halloween. It's a good night for pretending....I will act as if I have all the answers. Though I am fooling no one...including myself.

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