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We have all heard stories of people whose lives have changed in minutes. One minute they are riding to the top of a mountain and 15 minutes later, they have crashed their bike and severed their spinal cord. Suddenly, their future holds daily physical therapy and the hope that they can sit up on their own.

Or, someone opens to the door to receive an unexpected visitor and suddenly the life of your child can only be discussed in the past tense.

How do the rest of us take in these things? What do we do with the unbelievable misfortune of others? How do we honor the loss and pain and utter unfairness of one person's draw against our lucky hand?

Is it that we walk along knowing our fortune could change at any minute? Is it that we say thank you for the use of our legs and the smell of our daughter's neck? Take nothing for granted--from the scent of dry leaves to the sticky pool of milk left to curdle on the table yet again, to the curious stickiness of your son's bedroom floor.

I ponder these things and know I can't be the only one to do so.

So far, all I can come up with is that I will try to live with grace.

I love the word grace. Within it is humility, forgiveness, and honest appreciation. I did not look up the definition. I gave it my own and sometimes I think that is the best I can do...give the world my own take, my own way of honoring all the pain and suffering and live it in a way that suggests that I have done so.

If someone has a better idea, please let me know.

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