Legos save lives.

Sometimes the worst place to be is inside your own head. We have all entered an internal labyrinth that leads you to no place you really want to be yet it seems to hard to get out of.
I recommend having a kid around. If you don't have one, borrow one.
I was spending a little too much time in a very dangerous maze of psychological drama when I heard this, "A lego! I swallowed a lego!"
You can't possibly say, "Not now. I am cruising through hell and I quite like it." take a deep breath, and try not to ask the obvious questions like, "Why and how?" and instead offer assurance that death will not occur. Immediately you begin peppering silly and serious questions like,"What color? how big? what flavor? what shape? did it taste good?" You offer the rudimentary digestion law of what goes in must come out. Soon the whole converation runs amok in a good way and this is one time where poop-talk is the best kind of silly.
So, the trip to hell inside your head has abruptly ended and you have forgotten why you even went.
Legos save lives...this is no joke.

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  1. Wow. Great way to look at it. Very funny. Glad to know nobody was injured in the making of this post. :)


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