Here I go!

Well, I am off to work on this: and I am excited and nervous and worried and tired before I even start.

I will be gone for 5 nights and 6 days. There will be no one's food, underwear, health, or social issues that I will have to consider except for my own. I will be on Madeline Island and even if it is a terrible experience, it will be terrible in a beautiful place. And I will have hours to write. I will surely reflect upon on how wonderful my family is and this is always easier to do when they aren't around. Absence and all that, right?

I am sure I will walk like a pack mule for at least 2 days before I realize I am not carrying anything but my own stuff. I will look furtively over my shoulder for on-coming traffic even when there isn't any, and I will work to not bark out, "Manners! Use your manners!" if some of my peers aren't so genial as to do so.

I have to be honest. It feels a bit creepy and a whole lot selfish to take this trip.

But not enough to cancel.


  1. You will love it!! We spent our "honeymoon" (you know the one you do first in anticipation of the "real honeymoon" one day. Well, 12 years later our "real" honeymoon hasn't happened.) in Bayfield and spent a day on Madeline Island. We LOVED it - hence the name of our 2nd child. Enjoy the peace and solitude and concentrate on nothing but you and your ideas.


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