Crazy. Stupid. Movie.

Big Man was feeling overwhelmed and cranky. The previous call night was a killer so I found a sitter for two and half hours and whisked him away to a movie. This might not sound like the best use of time, but I could see the evening ahead- him feeling like the kids were clawing at him and me feeling like I was running interference. Instead, I opted for bailing as many a stellar parent will do.

Except this movie Crazy.Stupid.Love., was billed as a "romantic comedy" and while funny, yes, it was sad in all the worst ways. A well-meaning, long- married couple shared physical space but were millions of miles apart in their heads and hearts. For all of the usual reasons, they had stopped tending to each other and without realizing it, veered off course. How this movie could even be funny relied on Steve Carrell portraying as only he can how ridiculous humans are and certainly, our species provides that there will never be a lack of material.

But my god...this movie was going to make us talk. And not about the kids! I could feel it as I teared up and Big Man grabbed my hand and soon we both started to get ticked. We wanted fun...not heartfelt conversation! There is a time and a place for everything! I knew I should have opted for Captain America.

Oh well. Talk we did and we both survived despite the lingering effects of such conversations in the morning. I did get an extra kiss so it wasn't all bad. But be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

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