Cleaning out

There is a Mad Woman in our house. She is ransacking the Things' rooms and the cupboards and really, throwing out anything not secured by a nail. Mad Woman doesn't use nails so most things are up for grabs. The Epilepsy Foundation is about to win the jackpot.
Mad Woman comes about once a year. Every year she seems more disgruntled than the year before. Disgusted at her inability to purge further can cause her to make hasty decisions. Case in point: Michael Perry is missing! The Mad Woman owned his entire compedium at one time, 2 of which were signed by the man himself. This is an author she once successfully stalked. Of course this is her opinion and not his. Last night, she was working on a piece that required a direct quote from her favorite, Population 485.

It was nowhere to be found. NOWHERE! After fruitlessly rummaging through all boxes in the basement and further perusal throughout the book cases, Mad Woman came up short-of-breath, empty-handed, and baffled. How could this be? Ivanhoe, Little Women, White Fang, and, thankfully, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. However, NONE of those will work for a piece about small towns.

Cleaning out has always seemed detrimental to general health, and now it's affecting the writing of Mad Woman. She has been freewheeling with many books for sure. She loans them out and forgets to whom, but continues on her merry way while those she cannot part with stay nearby. Or so she thought.

Big Man has already suggested the library.

"Huh? The library? But,'s Michael Perry!"

The look on his face was not one of complete understanding.

"Yes. The library. I bet Michael Perry uses the library, too."



But still. The Mad Woman leaves today.

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