If you get the last laugh, you must have gotten the last roll.

How is it I can reside in house with 4 people for 10 years and be the only one who knows where we store toilet paper?

My kids don't hear me yelling because "Could you please bring me some toilet paper?" sounds no different than "The sky is falling!" or "Your room better be picked up before we leave for swimming practice!" or "Who wrote with a sharpie on fireplace?" It's all Peanuts-like to them, "wah, wah, wah".

But it is maddening. They have nerve to make exclamations with disgust--

"How come we are always out of toilet paper?"

"Gross! Moooooom!!"

"Where'd you put the toilet paper?"

Ok, alright. I will admit only 3 out of 4 of us really cares about this, but the fact remains that majority of us are seriously informed about its whereabouts. I am not the only one with this intimate knowledge, but it feels like it. And yet I never get the last laugh. Why is that?

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