The List

2 and half loaves of bread
3 bags of cereal
1 and half boxes of waffles
3 and a half pounds of grapes
1 watermelon
1 cantelope
6 apples
2 pounds of carrots
2 gallons of milk
2 pounds of pasta
2 pounds of hamburger
1 pound of turkey
32 yogurt sticks
1 gallon of ice cream
1 24-pack of popsicles
18 serving packs of pretzels or popcorn
1 gallon of ice cream

There was one night of ice cream out, one trip to the sandwich shop, and one stop at the King of Fast Food Evil, McDonald's.

This is what five kids consumed in four breakfasts, eight legal snack times (much is pilfered without my consent), four lunches, and four dinners. We have three official meals and two snack times to go. Four of these children are boys who can't seem to get enough and I am left wondering--is this normal?

Big Man and I have eaten what we set aside prior to meal time, what can be scavenged away without notice, or on the fly.
I have not purchased pop, juice, or chips except for tortilla chips that will be a part of tonight's taco-fest and yet the bill! I could share the grand total, but that would be ridiculous because those of you with kids KNOW it is costly.

But it's been fun and the output of energy must have a direct correlation to the consumption. Swimming for hours, biking, running, fishing, and staged "battles" that only little boys and one bossy girl really understand.

Narry a nap or a request to "lie low" has been made. Currently, I am holed up in my room staring at a pile of laundry that appears to be around four feet tall. I need to fold it, but blogging hurts less.
These nephews and my kids....I hope they are making some memories. The sting of the grocery bill will fade, but Big Man serenading them awake on his ukelele is a site not easily forgotten (he will use the accordian tomorrow). Giggling every morning and whenever someone toots or has to toot or lets one slip, singing DY-NO-MITE at supper, and the sudden intense focus that appears out of nowhere when the new "rules" of the nightly Leggo contests are announced are all part of trying to weave our family just a little closer together. Only time will tell if it works or not. I guess some things just can't be checked off your list.

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