I am going here!

It's funny how the universe works. I have been looking for months for the right thing at the right time. Just yesterday, a writer I know told me about this other writer's website and it led to me finding this, which seems perfect for me. In reality, nothing is perfect so I will just bask for a few more moments today and move on to the realities of life.

Madeline Island is magical. I have many good memories of this place. We took Thing 1 there as an infant on our first real trip as a three-some. Much later, our foursome had a great camping experience which included swimming and biking and mosquitoes and Harry Potter Number 7 and more swimming.

I cannot imagine the place on my own terms. I feel like a kid who is headed away to camp for the first time- anxious, excited, and wondering what I have gotten myself into. I hope my mom will send me a note.

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  1. Awesome! I'm jealous. I too love MI and this looks like a great workshop. Soak up some of that great energy and bring it back to share with all of us!


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