A mirror image

I embarked upon a work out class that has me out the door at ten minutes to six (a.m.!) and this means the kids and Big Man are on their own to ready themselves for the day. With the number of school days rapidly dwindling I knew that if it was rough, it wouldn't be for long. It's felt weird not being around for the bulk of the morning rush hour, but there is one thing I like. I get home and they are dressed and visibly relieved that I get to see them before their bus arrives. I get smiles and yelps of "Mommy!" and big hugs. I was gone one hour. But it's funny how little tweaks to your day can throw you off...or on. Long ago (nine and half years), my mother-in-law described how I phsically 'lit up' in the presence of my new infant daughter. It's fun and humbling and over-whelming to know it works both ways. I am soaking it in. Thing 2 has some time, but the ten year old is brewing a much different pot that will spill over at any time.

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  1. Oh yah. The calm before the storm that hits at about 12-13.

    Lovely post. I live for those moments. It's nice that once in a while they adore you... considering how much unappreciated work you do for them.


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