7 and almost 2

Thing 2 got to try his hand at big brotherhood. Toddler cousin is nearing 2, ripening well into his new roll. This means frequent exclamations of "No!", those wonderful assertions of independence at inopportune moments. We all know it's the parents who are put out. The toddler could care less. Thing 2 handled this tumultuous point in his cousin's life with skills that rivaled an expert CEO, vaudeville entertainer, and top-notch little league coach. Stern reprimands could be heard when Toddler was closing in on dangerous terrain, wild squeals of glee errupted during seemingly unending games of chase, and praise was lauded when Toddler followed directions. Thing 2 clearly learned none of this from me. Toddlers were hard for me. Probably because I can't rid myself of ' it's my way or the highway' mindset.

At any rate, it made me think again of David Brook's recent assertion that we need to be more concerned about raising people who can get along than the types of vocations they pursue and where they pursue them.

My time in Maine gave me a small glimpse of what two boys may become. I liked what I saw. And just for a moment, I could relax.

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