Can no mean yes?

Part of the reason this blog was started was because I needed to hold myself accountable to writing. So to that end, spring has sprung and several opportunities are presenting themselves- which would take me away from writing. Or at least limit the amount of time I can give to it. For so long, I have always said, "Oh, I'll get to that" and I never did. And so here are these other things luring me because they offer money, a little more heft to a resume, and a way to call myself a meaningful adult. But then.....

my daughter writes that I am a hero to her because I am a writer who really "notices" things and takes the time to write them down. And my son says, "Mom, you could be famous for writing." Now the first may be true and the second isn't likely to happen, but what I like more than what they said is that they noticed in the first place. Me. Doing something I love for no other reason except that I enjoy it, find meaning in it, and hope to make a difference to someone sometime through my words.


Big Man thinks I can DO IT ALL yet he has always had way more faith in me than me.

I think for women in particular, that it's hard to remember that saying no to one thing can mean saying yes to another. No, too, is full of possibility and this is what I hope to keep in mind.

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