The world feels alive and positively crackling with possibility. While I don't feel as jubilant as others for the loss of EVIL MAN, it does seem to be some small justification for all the horrific loss of the last ten years. I say small because the loss has been just too great. Not one of those who perished in the agonizing acts September 11th will return to us. Not a single fallen soldier will ever hug their parents one more time. Families have been ripped apart and re-organized and stretched beyond recognition and it is far, far from over. One man down cannot make up for thousands lost. But maybe, just maybe it's the beginning of a shift, a slight altering of the universe that re-energizes our willingness to be hopeful and a reminder that the tough stuff usually takes heaps of time.

Minnesota is a riot of conversation about the Gay Marriage Amendment. I pray we are active enough to stand on the humane side of life at this point in history. We will look back in wonder as I know I did when I learned about the women's right to vote and think, "How did they ever doubt this?" Maybe I am living in la-la land because those in the trenches talking to legislators are painting a somewhat different picture. But I am having conversations and people are just, you know, willing to move forward. So....if you haven't written that letter yet, please do so. In this household the e-mails have flown about and we have been pleasantly surprised with the responses. Our voice seems to matter. Isn't democracy cool? You can be heard if you speak.

Just think of the possibilities. Be a part of them. Ask yourself, what would you want for your kids? That's really what it comes down to whether you are a parent or not. Be a part of a future that adds to our greatness--not diminishes it.


It's a blesssed place to be. Take advantage of it.


  1. Lisa, truth does sound good, and it is about the easiest thing to say. I think you are right in that we need to speak out. I too, wonder, What is the problem? I am not in la-la land, I have moved on. Keep writing (righting) on.


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