24 Hours

In the end, we all have the same hours in the day. Some of us give a large part to work so we can eat, have daily shelter, and not run around naked. Some of us stay home and raise some kids and attack all the house work. In the midst of all of either scenario, there are choices to be made-- little snippets of time that you get to say....how will I spend this?

Often I mess this up. I plop down and read a book while the clothes sit in the basket miraculously NOT folding themselves. I take a walk with a friend durning soccer practice, or I write an entry on my blog for myself. I dream up projects that might appear like activism rather than plan the next meal. Then little people arrive and there are play times and art projects and icky spelling homework and baths and ....where does the time go? Suddenly, you are mid-life and wondering- wait! I have a mark to leave on this world! How will I do it?

It slips by so fast. I feel I am racing as always and if I plop down to read my book I won't have left my mark, but the ending...how will this book end? I am curious, for god's sake.

The tidy homes are at least tidy... and me? A stack of half-finished books and projects that fizzle and kids who are showing some promise...but who are far from independent.

Amazing, the progress we make in this country. It seems I have had little to do with it, but I am happy there are others who finish what they start.

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