What would you do?

More women than not would give up an entire year of their life if they could be thin for the rest of their remaining life.

Like 98% of American women, I struggle with body image, but this, to me, is nuts. There are times when it seems a wonder that any of us make it out the door with a smile given what we are faced with-- how to eat, excercise, meditate, what to wear to HIDE our faults, tricks to banish hunger, curb cravings, etc. Information abounds on how to improve ourselves, but I have yet to read a headline that says,"Hey girl! You are perfect!"

And here's another little secret--I know thin people who aren't happy.

I would give up one year of my life to not have one more single thought regarding my less-than-perfect physical appearance. In return, all that mental energy could be focused on changing something truly meaningful in the world- like bringing peace to ravaged countries, educating girls around the globe, or maybe, taking the time to write a book.

I might sound a little more bitter than I really am. I have friends who daily motivate me to push myself in areas where I don't feel real comfortable- mainly exercise. I am grateful for this because it does make me feel good.

But 365 days of a life for perceived thinness does not seem like a fair trade. Obesity is no joke. I certainly get that. But with so much focus on the external we forget about the most important part of any person- the interior . That's where the real pain is...and also the real beauty.

What would you do?

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  1. I am loving a book that I am reading right now called "Made to Crave" that talks about this struggle. I hear ya and I am fed up and hope is on the way!


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