Lucky Life

Sometimes it's just too much. I thought we were making progress. I see small shoots of promise. People are digging outside and planting seeds indoors and the kids have their bug traps and fairy nests set in the trees. We are moving forward with hope. But then a winter storm bears down in late April and your heart enters a temporary freeze and it seems the wheels of progress just plain stop. Where is the justice?

But the universe is a funny thing. Sometimes what you want and what you need are so different and then something like this shows up at what feels like an unfortunate time. This poem called "Lucky Life" by Gerald Stern was passed on to me during a time when I felt anything but lucky. It didn't seem like I would be willing to read such a thing, but I did and I am so thankful.

Follow this link and take a few minutes for yourself. They will be good ones, I promise.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great poem. What a reminder.

  2. Great poem. Thanks for passing it on.


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